Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weight for the last week of March

I did weigh myself last Monday and the weight was 161.4. I'm excited about that. Here's the deal now though....I'M PREGNANT! So I'm just going to try and eat healthy and do what I can to work out. I am no longer allowed to run until further notice, so that stinks and I have to take it easy for right now....hmmmm....I'm going crazy! So no diet for me, but I can make healthy food choices and I will. This weekend (Easter), so far not so good.

So far I'm making sure I am drinking one glass of milk with my prenatal vitamins in the morning...vitamins you ask? Yes I have to take more then one right now. The newest thing in the pregnancy world of prenatal vitamins are the normal pill then another one with Folic Acid and DHA (DHA is new).

My goal is to take pictures every week (ha, let's see if I do it) of the belly. I didn't do it with Bradley and now wish I had. So that's it for now. Let's hope for a happy and healthy pregnancy. Currently it's been pretty moody. YIKES! Let's hope I can exercise soon and then release some bad moods and then get some energy back. My next doctor's appointment is April 21st. Let's hope I get the go ahead and start to work out soon. I can do yoga and I will!