Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to Fit it All In?

I'm feeling much better lately, although as I'm writing this I'm feeling nauseated. I'm twenty weeks and two days. It's excited to be halfway done with this pregnancy although, it seems to be taking forever. I'm guessing it has something to do with all the complications I've had.

So now my little boy is being potty trained at 23 months and is doing quite well at it. So far today he's only had one accident, although I've changed his underwear multiple times, mainly because he'll start to pee then stop himself and we head to the bathroom. I don't count these as accidents because he's stopped and has only wet himself very slightly. Needless to say I'm proud of him, although I have been bound to the house.

I'm waiting patiently to go get back in the grove of things. As of my doctor's appointment at 17 weeks, I had only gained four pounds. By twenty weeks they want you to gain about ten. When I weighed myself at home yesterday, I was up to six pounds. I'm very nervous about gaining the weight because I know how difficult it will be to lose it again. Thankfully I've been craving a lot of healthy foods and I can't seem to eat enough salads. I need to mention that Monday I did make banana bread and that's almost gone. Yesterday I made cookies and I can't stop eating them. I'm hoping the salads off set everything else. Overall, with the exception of this week I'm doing well at eating.

Exercise on the other hand isn't doing well at all. Shortly after my last exercise experiment I ended up on "bed rest" which didn't work out well with a toddler. My goal is to start again next week hopefully at the gym with a toddler who is potty trained and if not then I'll whip out the prenatal yoga video and start there. Regardless exercise is an important role in pregnancy. It will help with labor, delivery and recovery. Slowly I'm going to fit in the exercise amongst eating healthier.

My first goal is to gain less weight then my pregnancy with Bradley and if I reach that goal, it's to weigh less at the end of the pregnancy then I did with Bradley, seeing how I didn't lose all the baby weight. Until then.....drink lots of water, eat right (even though it's hard) and exercise).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quick Update

Bleeding - stopped, baby ok
Placenta Previa - Moved, baby ok
Not enough fluid in Amniotic Sac - Fluid back up, baby ok
Unusual Cramping - Stopped, can't find a reason, baby ok
Found out it's a girl - so far, it's still a girl, baby ok

All I can say is Thank you, to my Heavenly Father for blessing me through all these difficult situations. I truly am blessed and have a beautiful little girl on the way who is just as blessed as the rest of us in this family. We can't wait to meet you Amelia!