Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Week of Running

Well I finished the first week of running. Last Wednesday I just went out and ran and knew I wanted to follow the running regimen I had last summer, which was running three times a week. Unfortunately I went and shortly afterward, I couldn't keep doing it. My body and lungs weren't close to being ready at all. After that run, I googled how to improve my run, I found a workout plan that I felt would help me get ready for the 5K Chris and I are planning for the summer.

The first week (three days a week, every other day) you do a five minute brisk walk to warm up and then do 60/90's. That is running for sixty seconds followed by brisk walking for ninety seconds. You do this for twenty minutes. We did this in the military and it did help my run time, only we did this just once a week. So last Friday I did this, then Monday and I finished on Wednesday. I will be moving onto week two starting Friday. Doing this will help you get your run pace back. Later on it will increase your run time.

Don't get me wrong, Wednesday I did not want to run AT ALL! I forced myself to do it and found out my old run route was no longer snow covered. This definitely made my day. So now I'll be able to really get back in the grove of things the way I like it. By the end of my run I was happy I was doing it a pushed myself even harder. What else is nice, I now have a running partner. My friend Rachael has asked if she can come running with me. OF COURSE! And she's only a week behind the schedule so we are just going to start he on week two. If it's too hard then we'll both go back to week one.

Anyway HAPPY RUNNING! And don't forget sometimes you have to force yourself to workout but you will appreciate it later. :)

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