Thursday, March 18, 2010

Second Week of Running is a Success

Well the second week is down and it went down smoothly. I missed running yesterday, Wednesday, and felt guilty for it and the desire to go ALL day. I woke up this morning and made up for it. I completed my last day of week two running. It was perfect. My goal is to run three days a week right now and that's what I've done so far. It felt great.

The second week consisted of 90/120's. It was ninety seconds of running followed by two minutes of walking (at a brisk pace). You do this for twenty minutes (of course that's after a five minute warmup of brisk walking). By the time I did my last ninety seconds of running, I felt like the last set went by too fast. I pushed myself harder and faster and I felt TERRIFIC after doing so, but felt like I could run even longer. This is a good sign. My body is sore right now because of it, but it's worth it in the end.

After I came home, I did crunches for about a minute, literally. It was straight crunches for that time. I feel really good. I'm feeling healthier, better, happier and best of all skinnier...although it doesn't show yet, it's under there somewhere. Well keep your spirits up. I'm starting week three tomorrow.

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