Saturday, January 9, 2010

As a Child

Growing up I was very athletic, in fact I trained with the Olympic Training Team in Lake Placid, NY for figure skating. I loved the sport and at one point did it year round. I started skating when I was six years old and did it straight until I was eighteen.

I vaguely remember living in Fort Benning, GA with my parents. Figure skating was on the television and I turned to my father and said, "That's what I want to do." I must have only been five years old at the most. My father had promised me when we moved to Fort Drum, NY I would have that opportunity. He kept his promise and there my journey started. Some days I would wake up to be skating at seven in the morning. Some nights I wouldn't get home until eleven at night, practice got done at ten thirty. Of course the later hours were in the later years of my career as a skater.

While I was training with the Olympic Training Team, a couple of my coaches and I headed to the mall. Jorge Valle (a former Ice Capade and my jump coach) ordered himself an espresso. Sherry Robbins (my regular coach and a national competitor) ordered herself a bagel. Me? I came back with a taco salad from Taco Bell. I thought both of their jaws were going to not just drop but completely fall off their faces. Sherry had looked at my meal and asked if I knew how many calories were in there. I didn't know. She estimated around 1800....the actual calorie count is around 850, still a lot for one sitting. Regardless every bite I took that day I felt guilty for.

Since that time in my life food has had a real impact. Sherry I told me I should only have about 28-30 grams of fat a day. Just so you know that's about 3-4 yogurts. Since then I cut back on what I ate, tremendously. I look back and spandex looked like it was falling off was crazy. At the time I thought I was fat but when I look at pictures I think at such a young age I was very skinny. Too skinny I think.

After I graduated high school I went to college and knew no one would care what I ate and didn't eat. I wasn't skating and turns out I stopped weighing myself at 180 pounds. I knew I put on some more weight. I went from one extreme to the next. So yes I know what it's like to be skinny, then obese, then overweight, then skinny again. Now I'm back to overweight, but I'm working on it. It's possible. It's possible for everyone. Right now I'm starting with changing my eating habits and a little exercise and it's working. I hope you see results in week two pictures but if not then hopefully week three pictures. Don't be afraid to give something up, it may be hard but your health is worth it. Good luck and strive to be better.

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  1. & you are stronger for it --- amazing transformation and can't wait to see what's at the end of this year.