Monday, January 11, 2010

Whew! I Made It Through the Weekend!

Sunday marked seven days completed on my diet. I am using the South Beach Diet and it's been tough. The weekends are always a little tough for me because we tend to relax on the weekend not only with chores but clearly with our food too. This of course will contribute to me being overweight and my BMI in the range it is in.

This weekend was my first weekend on the diet and to top things off we were traveling. To start out with Friday night was going well. We ate a healthy meal of salad, broccoli and tilapia. The food was great, I was feeling great and things were going well. A few hours went by
and we then had company, Uncle Brad (for whom our son is named after). Uncle Brad had not eaten dinner and I had the suggestion for him to order himself pizza. He thought that was a great idea, so didn't my partner in this diet, my husband. Who openly admitted if pizza was ordered he was eating it. Turns out the pizza was ordered. The aroma was wonderful, the smell of pineapple, melted cheese and ham filled the air. There were four of us. I let the three of them eat it and they kept tempting me with it. I wanted a bite so bad, but ate some pistachios prior to the pizza being delivered to curb my appetite of the late night snack. Turns out this was a good decision on my part. I resisted the temptation, toward the end of the night th
e smell of the pizza wasn't as delicious as before. The n
ext morning I felt great about myself and felt rewarded when I weighed in (not the official weigh in).

Saturday was a little difficult when I was craving cookies. I ended up making it through that too and finished off with a healthy dinner of chicken, broccoli and cauliflower. It wasn't too bad but I knew Sunday would be the most difficult day and it was.

Sunday, we left our home in Oswego, NY and headed to Buffalo. Normally it's only a couple hours to get there but we had to make stops along the way. Our first stop was gas. I thought getting a sandwich inside for the little man would be good. We would be finish our drive at a late lunch hour, but we had crackers and string cheese in the car for snacks (crackers only for the baby).

About an hour into the drive, we knew we had to stop in order to get something for Bradley. It was about 12:15 and we stopped. Inside I looked for something healthy for myself or Chris. Bradley I ordered chicken nuggets and there was only one salad in the entire place. I ordered it for Chris. The cost of the salad was
$5 and if I had known it was that much, I would have let my husband starve for the next hour. Turns out he did starve because the salad did not taste right. He tried a chicken nugget and that tasted bad as well. I guess we shouldn't have stopped there.

Once we got to my mom and dad's house the aroma of apple crisp baking in the oven was one of the most wonderful smells around. I was able to make it through the the entire night, eating very healthy. I had cucumbers with my steak (I didn't want the salad to go with it, I was sick of salad) and a glass of milk. I would have liked more vegetables but rice was served as a side and it is not allowed at this time in the diet. Chris later helped himself to yogurt (which isn't allowed yet) and two helpings of apple crisp. I made it through. The weekend was definitely harder then I expected but you know what....I made it through. And to top it off,
I stayed stronger on the diet then my husband, who without knowing it is in competition with me. I like knowing that I'm sticking to the rules the best way possible. Once during the week I ate one starburst but that's the only time I bent the rules. Well I did have herbal tea (which you are allowed to have on this diet and is ok if you are an LDS member) with honey (which is not supposed to be on the diet). I figured that would cover the sugar cravings and so far it has.

I am still tempted on the diet, because I am still at my mom and dad's house. We are celebrating a late Christmas with my brother who is home from Afghanistan for a couple weeks. She made everything from the turkey to the stuffing to the chocolate pie desserts. On top of all of that, there are chips, cookies, and lots of junk food. My father said he has a ton of junk food in the house and he now wishes he didn't have so much. My answer to him was, "I told you I was on a diet."

To my surprise his answer only gave me more encouragement, "I wasn't expecting you to be serious on it." I am serious on losing this weight. My jeans went on a little easier today, which is a relief and my family is already noticing a difference. They said they can see it in my face, it's thinning out to them. So for now I am resisting the temptations and feel better and better each night I do. Good luck with eating healthy. The temptations are there and hard, but it's worth it in the end, at least so far.

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