Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 3 Update

I definitely attribute the weight loss to being sick. Once I feel better I'm sure I'll post another picture, but right now is not the time. I have been eating crappy lately (while on vacation in Lake Placid and visiting family). Saturday Bradley vomited, and yesterday was my day, all day. So today I'm weighing in at 158.6 pounds, which brings my body fat percentage to 27.2% which is still in the overweight category but is down 1.3% from before. It's a start but again, not a good way to lose weight.

This weeks struggle is staying hydrated while sick. It's hard to do while you you are vomiting, your body loses a lot of liquid. Try to stay away from sugary drinks if possible, drink clear broth (such as chicken broth) and lots of other clear fluids like water. Overall it is most important to stay hydrated in this type of situation. It will make it easier on the body. Once you are able to eat again, try slowly, nothing heavy. Dry toast, crackers, broth, apple sauce, bananas, etc. Try and stay healthy and remember it is the flu season, don't be afraid to see your doctor.

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