Friday, January 8, 2010

Schedule of Posts....

So I've been thinking I should have a little more structure with this blog. I have decided I would kind of make schedule for it.

Sunday - Whew! I've made it through the weekend! (This will probably be how I made it through that weekend in particular, when everything tends to be a little harder)

Monday - Weekly picture, weight update, BMI update and what was a struggle this week to get through

Tuesday - Health "Article" in some sort of way (I'll do a little online/book research and tell you what I've found for that week)

Wednesday - Recipe/Health Tip (nutrition of some sort, weather a recipe, etc.)

Thursday - Me Time (a post where I focus on me to make myself feel better and hopefully inspire you to do the same)

Friday - Exercise Critique of some sort (latest exercises regimen, my opinion of the ones I've tried, etc.)

Saturday - Reflection (a quick reflection on the past, what I did well, should do again, what worked in the past, what didn't, a short story, something along those lines)

We'll see how this all works out if I post something everyday or not. It will be maybe short or long or maybe I'll switch some things around. And since today is Friday, later I'm hoping to either add to this post about an exercise or I'll post a new one. :)

Good Luck on making healthy choices today!

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