Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bold might you say?

You probably noticed the pictures on the right hand side of this blog and in this entry (by the way if you are reading this post at a later date the pictures may be on the left then....who knows when I'll change the layout).

Anyway the pictures aren't too flattering at all. This is clearly me, belly hanging over the pants when you look at the picture from the side. My husband was in awe when he saw this picture posted on my blog. "Why? Now you really will have to follow through with it? What if you don't succeed?"

I think this is the first time I have heard him this concerned, especially because I point blank am putting myself out there. Well the reason is to see progress. I'm hoping for progress. I'm on day 4 of my diet and feel great. I've exercised today (not early in the week, but today I did which is a start).

Here are my answers....I did this because that is what this blog is about. Trust me normally I dress more modestly then this. I wore this because I was exercising in my own home, at the gym, I wear a tank top or t-shirt. I do have a tendency to sweat a lot while working out. I am putting myself out there. I want the support and encouragement to keep going. I want t
o lose those pounds and the excessive body fat. I am doing it because in a week when we take the same picture I was to see a difference. If I can't, then I can't but maybe in the week three picture I will be able to tell. What if I gain weight? Then we will all see it too.

This blog is about the struggles just as much as the accomplishments and facts about nutrition and weight loss. This is something I feel I have struggled with throughout the years. My answer to my husband was I was unsure if I would succeed but I was willing to try. We'll see what happens.

For now I'm hoping to get rid of the ugly mom belly. You can definitely tell my skin was stretched, now I have to work on getting that taken care of and be a hot mama!


  1. So you have me thinking... What could I wear for a picture? Do I REALLY want to post pictures of myself. I definitely am not as gutsy as you are and don't own a sports bra that fits so... We'll see.

  2. It's bold that's for sure and definitely not modest but I figure you know what that's ok for right now I guess. Who knows and I'm a little squirmish about it but I'll make it through, right? LOL I'm hoping next week will be better.

  3. you are such a hot momma now -- can't wait to see what the transformation will do to you! i am so proud of your courageousness & forthrightness... awesome; inspiring.