Friday, January 8, 2010

Exercise on Demand!

A friend of mine had discovered Exercise on Demand via her cable television. So I thought I would try a workout or two. It was nice because there were videos that were about ten minutes (some a little more and some a little less).

Since we don't watch TV during the day....I thought I would do the ten minute video with Bradley (my 17 month old). I did a dance one, that really didn't feel like dance at all, I thought it was boring and didn't keep my interest up. One thing it did include was about a two minute warm up (I know this because there was a count down clock in the upper left hand corner of the screen). Everything felt basic. What I didn't like was during the exercise the trainer was focusing on your legs and feet. She was showing us a steps and of course the bottom of the screen were her feet. The only problem was her feet were covered up by advertisements. Overall the workout was ok, but it wasn't dancing at all. I was bored and disappointed with that part, but it did raise my heart rate for those then minutes and Bradley tried some of the moves too.

Since this was only a ten minute video I felt as if I should try another one. I did try a Biggest Loser workout and it involved weights. I didn't have any weights so I ran to my cupboard and got some canned black beans and some other bean (not sure which one it is right now). I ended up using bean cans as my weights, until I can get some, I think I have some at my parents house. I thought the workout was pretty good. It was about twenty-two minutes long. During the workout it definitely expects you to already be warmed up, so I was glad I did the ten minute workout in the beginning. We worked on the butt, upper legs, stomach, back and arms. I felt I missed out on something because I wasn't feeling the burn. Hours later I felt the burn and still feel it a day later. I will definitely take my bean cans and try this one again.

For those who do not have cable you can try workout videos via the web. I haven't tried any of these workouts yet but think I may try them in the near future. Try going to the ExerciseTV website. You can choose from many of them and they are listed via what you want to work on to how long they are. Good luck and enjoy your workout!

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